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EDSTRÖMSKA - Mälar Valley’s Vehicle and Transport Education

Edströmska is a new automotive technical center where high school youth, adults and businesses work side by side!

High School Education

The following courses are offered for young people in the vehicle, construction and flight technician

  • Automotive mechanic
  • Heavy mechanic
  • Transport
  • Aircraft technician
  • Construction equipment operator/groundwork

Adult Vocational Education

  • Transport
  • Driving instructor
  • Bus driver
  • Construction equipment operator


Our facilities can be used by the automotive and transport industries for internal and external education. Edströmska offers: facilities and equipment for hire; commissioned training

Edströmska offers courses which are highly sought after by regional businesses. Modern training lays a foundation for future employment opportunities and higher studies!

Invest in a modern education with us – we will invest in you!

Welcome to Edströmska: Contact

Information from The Swedish National Agency for Education


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