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Västerås provides a variety of housing alternatives and you can decide yourself if you want to live close to most things - work, school, shopping, nature. Västerås is a major city, but at the same time, retains the advantages of a small community.
We are building housing close to Lake Mälaren with views of the lake at Öster Mälarstrand in Östra Hamnen and Lillåudden, close to downtown and the railroad station.

New construction underway or scheduled to 2003-2005:

About 1300
Area: Öster Mälarstrand, Östra Hamnen, Lillåudden, Haga, Pettersberg, Hamre, Vetterslund, Blåsbo
-Single family dwellings
About 600
Area: Hagaberg, Brottberga Hage, Örtagården, Framnäs, Jakobsberg, Västra Skälby, Kvistberga, Irsta
-Student housing About 400 Area: Korsängsskolan, Malmaberg, Nordanby, Gideonsberg, Blåsbo
In addition to the above, the real estate market has an annual turnover of approximately 900 condominiums/homes at prices averaging SEK 0.90 to 1.6 million.

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